Everyone has a story to tell and now more than ever it’s important to tell yours! By now you’ve heard about the importance of social media, the truth is, it’s not going anywhere, in fact, it’s only growing at an incredible speed with more and more people joining popular platforms every day.

In 2019, an estimated 2.95 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 3.43 billion in 2023. Taking advance of social media is not only a must but a tool for survival. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic millions of Americans are plugging into social media as a welcome distraction but also as a source for news and updates. During these uncertain times, it’s the perfect opportunity to tell your story and share your roots with the rest of the world. Here are some tips to get started.

What inspires you?
This is a great question and the perfect place to start when it comes to sharing your business’s story. How was your business born? What or who was the inspiration? Start jotting down ideas before you take a deep dive into the specifics and craft your story from the beginning of why you started your business.

What makes you unique?
Do you have a business platform, service, special dish, drink, or product that is truly unique and worthy of mentioning? If so, this is your time to tout why it’s so special! Think about the key features that set your business apart from the pack and include it in your story (bonus points for adding a photo).

What is the single most thing you would like people to know about you or the product you sell?
Every business has either a flagship product, design, unparalleled customer service they want to be known for. Consider this and write candidly about the rewards, challenges, and what you want your customers to know about you.

Highlight your team
Do you have a talented team? If so, write about why they are experts in their field, what they can bring to the table, why they are unique, why they deliver exceptional customer service, etc. Writing about your staff can yield great results when it comes to social media because the team will most likely share the piece if it includes them.

Share, share, share
The great thing about having a story is that you can use it across all your social media platforms, Facebook, a link through Instagram, and even Twitter! Consider taking segments from your story and boasting the post to direct your followers back to your website. Win, win!

Supplement with images
Great stories are also told with images. Think about your product, your team, your CEO, and make sure you are supplementing your piece with a scattering of images. People are drawn to images first before the words so, while you don’t have to hire a professional to take photos you do need to make sure your photos are clear, crisp, and are not distracting to the eye.

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