So, Ad Age does this fun thing where they list the top viral video ads of the week. The week after the Super Bowl we got the stats on some of our favorite spots from Super Bowl LIII. Even though the game was slow, the commercials were still expensive (averaging at around $5.25 Million this year for a :30 second spot, which has more than doubled in cost since 2002 according to a report from Let’s break them down!

First, the Ad Age Viral Video Chart was topped by Jeep’s new Rubicon commercial “More Than Just Words” which was incredibly well done by DDB, The Richards Group and reached upwards of 33 Million views, in ONE week! The editing in this video is done flawlessly and timed perfectly to fit the audio. The only surprise is that this hasn’t received more views! By using some effects that echo the “theater of the mind” concept, this ad engages viewers without them having to consciously be active in consuming the content, their mind fills in the blanks. The fact that this spot grabs you and won’t let go is a sign of a very well thought out strategy that will quickly gain Jeep some classy new customers.

Number 2 on Ad Age’s Viral Video Chart is titled “The Elevator” and comes from the agency Innocean on behalf of Hyundai. This spot is fun and touches all the feels along the way, though you’ll likely spend the whole minute and sixteen seconds laughing at the relational tidbits from our friend Jason Bateman who is featured in this spot that was viewed well over 20 Million times this week. By securing a notable spokesperson in this well-executed humorous ad, Hyundai is likely to create lasting impressions on viewers which have a higher likelihood of converting into brand loyalty due to the personal relatability and security that viewers perceive when receiving a message from a trusted source. Good job, Hyundai (and Jason)!

Heading into the #3 spot on this viral video chart we come to TurboTax’s “RoboChild” by the Wieden & Kennedy agency. This ad does a great, albeit obvious, job at getting information out that TurboTax Live uses actual humans and is not a computer-based algorithm. This spot keeps with TurboTax’s theme of using awkward humor to promote its services and was viewed this week online 18,776,586 times. Though this spot is at #3 here, it topped the Listenfirst Brand All-Stars in Audience Acquisition list, which provides the result of a study done to compare Social Audience Impact Acquisition Scores. According to their findings, TurboTax gained over 19K new subscribers on YouTube alone. These are the type of statistics that companies like to see when measuring their ad spends, and boy did TurboTax’s Robo Child pay off!  

In the next ad, Verizon goes all in with their new “The Team That Wouldn't Be Here” by the McCann agency. This spot sparks reactions on a deep level and may leave you feeling a bit emotional from stories of past traumas. With almost 18 million views in a single week, Verizon hit home with this one that will especially resonate with our first responders, police and security forces, medical professionals, trauma victims and those who are close to them. By using strong negative emotional appeal, Verizon took a risk that has benefitted their overall image and resulted in a 9.08% gain in YouTube followers from February 3rd-5th, 2019, according to Listenfirst and was ranked #4 on their list of Top 10 Social Scores.  Expect to be talking about this spot for a while to come.

The spot “Not Everything Makes the Cut” for Amazon by the Lucky Generals agency just might make you giggle. In its 130 seconds, it illustrates the woes of misplaced Alexa functionality in a humorous light that invites the viewer to relate to the featured stars. Being viewed upwards of 17.8 Million times, this #5 spot on Ad Age’s Viral Video Chart has likely created a lasting impression among tech enthusiasts and tech cautious folks alike. By making Alexa’s boundaries more apparent, Amazon runs the risk of pushing away some of its followers in order to gain a share in a new market. Since this is an interesting “attack” on a market of individuals who feel the technology too invasive, maybe this ad will make them reconsider Alexa since she, too, has her limits…or will it?  

Sprint is obviously mocking extreme depictions in advertising and utilizing them at the same time in their spot “Best of Both Worlds” by the Droga5 agency and lands as #6. This spot is eccentric and grounded, which is hard to pull off! With over 14 Million views, “Best of Both Worlds” can reach a broad range of adults and children alike.

When Bud Light and Game of Thrones’ agencies Wieden + Kennedy and Droga5 teamed up to make the spot “Game of Thrones,” I wonder if they realized that anyone who HASN’T seen the series will not get it (or at least one doesn’t). It has been viewed 13,596,927 times, so I guess it’s fair to say that there’s a market that they’re reaching; however, I found this spot incredibly boring and confusing. P.S. they didn’t even make the Top 10 Social Scores published by Listenfirst, so it’s hard to say if they made any meaningful conversions, based on these two articles.  

Making a comeback on the chart is “Block Has Your Back” by the Deutsch LA agency for H&R Block. This 15 second spot is straight forward, and Tessa Hersh makes it fun with her upbeat, matter-of-fact personality. Tessa has become a prominent representative for H&R Block for the 2019 tax season and this spot was viewed over 13 Million times in one week, after returning to the charts! I think it’s important to discuss this spot because it made a resurgence back to the list and landed as number 8 on Ad Age’s Viral Video Chart. That means this spot went through its relevance cycle, and then with the help of airing at the Superbowl (which saved money for H&R Block by not producing a new spot…) it once again became relevant enough to circulate the inter-webs. Well played, Block!

To round off the list we have Google’s spot “Home Alone Again” by Arts and Letters Creative Co. which received over 13 Million views that week and lands at #9, and T-Mobile’s “Texting” by Panay Films that was viewed over 12 Million times online and barely made the list at #10 on Ad Age’s Viral Video chart. Now these are both very clever spots but as their ranking suggests, they’re not very memorable and a niche audience is probably what got them their respective views. Personally, I enjoyed the Google spot better than any millennial probably will (just dated myself, oh well) and they probably enjoyed the T-Mobile spot better than I. The point being made is that these two spots were aired, for millions of dollars I might add, during the infamous Super Bowl to reach a wide audience…. Why did they choose concepts that will only make them memorable to a minute market? That is a question only their marketing departments can answer, so I digress.

So, if you have stuck around this long, you have been enlightened on the creation of Super Bowl ads and are now ready to make your own multi-million-dollar Super Bowl campaign, right? Wrong. There are many factors that go into creating a video spot, and it helps to have a team of highly trained professionals to execute a proper (and well produced) spot. There is research to be done on who you’re targeting, where you’re targeting them, how you’re going to get in front of them over your competitor, etc.… and this is where your digital agency comes in. As you can see, with digital marketing you can reach millions just by distributing a well-done video on your social media channels and website. It helped that these spots had been nationally broadcast during one of the biggest annual sporting events in America (according to, so their exposure was crazy high to begin with. Real Digital Marketing Solutions can help you to develop a strong online presence with our Social Media Management services, Video Production services and Google My Business management. We will also maintain your image with our Reputation Management services and grow your business with targeted OTT/Streaming ads (think Roku, Sling and YouTube) and Competitor Search Site Retargeting so that everyone views YOU.

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